The equation is simple enough: make Tampa video production and watch your website visits sore to new heights. People are spending almost two hours every day watching videos online. And they aren’t just watching them on their laptops and desktop computers. They are watching these videos on their mobile devices—phones and tablets. This means that if you fail to produce mobile-friendly videos, you are missing out on two hours’ worth of screen time. That’s a huge market.

Ensure the Video Is Playable on Mobile Devices

You must ensure that mobile users can play the videos. The video should use a system to detect the available bandwidth of the user. The system will tell the video how much time users need to play or download the video. If your video platform is responsive, it will adjust accordingly. If the bandwidth is small, the video will lower its quality so it can be playable on the device. This is the most important step in making sure your video is playable across all devices.

Use High-quality Audio

You are not always sure that the videos can play on its high-quality format. However, what you should make sure of is that the users can hear the audio loud and clear. Most mobile phones don’t have a good enough speaker. This means that the quality of the audio can be distorted when played on mobile. The users might not be able to hear the audio clearly. Imagine the video playing on low quality and the audio also playing in a distorted way. That will affect the whole experience of web users. In fact, they may not want to play the video anymore.

Consider the Video Length

Make the video short on purpose. People don’t want to watch long videos. They also have short attention spans. They want to receive the information the video is trying to tell, but they want that done in less than two minutes. Otherwise, they are out of the door. Consider the purpose of the video when you produce it. What is it about? What do you want to tell your audience? Then, make sure that the Tampa video production is as short and concise as it can be.

Choose an Attractive Splash Screen

The splash screen is the image people see before they play the video. It’s usually a frame from the video itself. Choose the most attractive frame. It must have bright colors or bold designs. It should make people want to play the Tampa video production. Make sure, however, that the image you will use is relevant to your video’s message.