The thumbnail of a Tampa video production is that little image displayed on your screen when you are choosing what link to click on. Most people don’t even think about the impact of that thumbnail on them. But if you’re the person who uploaded that video, this matters more than anything if you want to generate web traffic and views.

Yes, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but unfortunately, people judge images and videos by the thumbnails. They can make a good or bad impression. In fact, if you neglect to choose the right thumbnail for your video, you may end up not having views at all. If you don’t choose and let the site choose one for you, it could be detrimental to your views, too.

You can choose thumbnails from the many frames in the video. The thumbnail represents the video itself. But you can also choose a thumbnail that’s outside what’s in the video. If you like to use your company logo, that’s okay, too. The important thing to remember when choosing a thumbnail is the message you are trying to send to your customers. If the video intends to build on your brand, you can use your company logo as the thumbnail. If it’s more of a fun and entertaining video about a product, you can use an image of that product.

If you want to understand why thumbnails are important, you have to look at the way Google ranks pages on YouTube, which is the major platform for sharing videos on websites and social media.

Clickthrough Rate

Clickthrough is generated when people see the link on their search results and click on the link or thumbnail. This means that your thumbnail is effective at attracting your audience. That puts you in a better spot to rank higher on search results. And if you’re already on that first page of search results, it’s important to maintain that position.

Don’t worry. Google and YouTube won’t likely overthrow you from that spot as long as people are still clicking on your link and watching a good portion of the video (more on that later). It is incredibly hard to rank on anything on the internet. You have to be unique and interesting and entertaining.

Watch the Actual Video

When people click on the video, do they watch a good chunk of the video or do they click on the back button? If they are going back to the previous page, that doesn’t bode well for your rank. So, the thumbnail of your Tampa video production, in essence, does the first job—to attract visitors to click on the link. But the actual generation of views will depend on how interesting and informative your videos are. If people don’t find your videos relevant to their search, they won’t watch five seconds of them.