Creating mobile-friendly Tampa video production is increasingly becoming the norm. No business can survive these days without a presence on the internet. That presence is hinged on the kind of content the website produces. One important metric in measuring the success of the content on the website is whether it is mobile-friendly enough. What does that mean?


When you post video content on your website, it must conform to the screen size and resolution of a mobile device. This way, mobile-device users will have an easier time playing the videos on their devices. Far too many websites are not giving much thought on how the content on their website are displayed on the devices their web visitors use. But this is more of a problem for the web owners than the web visitors.

Web visitors will simply close the browser and go to another website whereas web owners have to suffer the consequences of not producing mobile-friendly content. Imagine landing on a site’s page and finding a video that you’re curious about. But when you begin to play the video, it doesn’t fit in your screen. It doesn’t respond to the dimensions of your device. What will you do? This is why mobile-friendliness and responsiveness are key to a successful website.

High-quality Audio

Most mobile phones—even the best ones—have low-quality audio speakers. They are mostly only used for calls, anyway, so mobile-phone makers don’t put much emphasis on the quality of their speakers. When the Tampa video production is played at a high volume, the audio will get distorted. It makes it difficult to hear for the viewers of the video. You should make sure that the audio for the video is of the highest quality.

Video Length

People viewing on mobile devices have super short attention spans. Consider the purpose of the video when planning how lengthy it is. If the purpose is to make the viewers curious, then make sure that it’s as short as it can get. If you want the video to be shared on social media platforms, make sure it’s not going to be more than a minute or two. Although social media users are fond of watching videos, they don’t spend more than two minutes watching one.

If the video is about a product demo or about how something should be used, then the Tampa video production can be a little longer. But always remember to make it as engaging as possible. The viewers should want to stay and watch the video. They shouldn’t feel obliged to stay watching because they need to learn something you’ve hidden way down the line.