Do you know that every second, at least two couples are getting married and four babies are being born? Every 10 seconds, four jars of Nutella are being sold and on Facebook, 166,666 friends requests are being made, 250,000 messages are sent and 85,000 comments are left. And here’s the big thing, there are over 54.9 million pieces of content being posted or shared every 10 seconds on Facebook. That goes to show how important those 10 seconds are. The same way they are important on a Tampa video production.

So, if we put these things in perspective, those first 10 seconds that people watch your video are critical. They can either love or hate the video. On YouTube, a viewer can stop the video and close the page when the first few seconds of a video wasted his time. There is no way any viewer will sit through boring content. They’d want the video to appeal to their emotions and resonate with them. Otherwise, it’s “goodbye, video” for them.

Two Things That Matter to Hook Your Audience

There are two things you must do to hook your audience on the video. The first thing is positing, in the first few seconds of the video, that you know something the viewer does not. This will pique his curiosity. No one wants to be told that he doesn’t know something the video producer knows. He will want to watch the video because he wants to find out what it is that he needs to know.

The second thing is teasing the viewers that what you have in the content of your video is something worth knowing. They will gain something from it. The content will add to their knowledge.

These are the two things that you should keep in mind when considering how to hook your audience. You must construct your introduction with these things in mind. Figure out the purpose of your video. Is it for educating, entertaining, or enraging? Use the purpose of the video to get your audience’s attention.

Keep the introduction short because longer introduction tend to bore the audience. They clicked on the link and thumbnail. That means they’re interested in what the video might contain. But it is up to the producer to make sure that the Tampa video production is interesting enough to make a viewer want to stay.

Lastly, tell your audience why they should finish the video. Is there a coupon code at the end of the video? Will they find something that will benefit them when they finish the video? Specifically tell them what they can gain by watching through the whole thing.