A lot of businesses today put their Tampa video production on their social media pages. They think that more of their target market spend time on social media and thus, putting their videos on Facebook and Instagram will attract more audience and convince them to support their business. However, neglecting to put your videos on the website is detrimental to your business.

Why is that? Your website is your business’ main presence on the internet. When people want to find out about your products and services, they will trust more what they see on your website than what you post on social media. Websites give a business the home it needs on the world wide web. Seeing as many social media profiles proliferate Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, having a website set you apart from all the other businesses who can only manage to sign up for social media platforms.

It Is Better for Your SEO

There is no quantifiable reason to believe that search engine optimization measures work well on social media. Social media is a platform where ideas flow freely and where people post links and media materials every nanosecond of the day. It makes it difficult for Google to measure exactly what relevant Facebook post results should appear in its search results.

On the other hand, Google crawls millions of websites to find relevant information on any number of queries inputted on its search engine. For example, you searched for the keyword dental practice, Google automatically lists down the number of dental clinics within a given location. It will also list down the website associated with the keyword depending on its ranking.

When it comes to videos, Google gives more value to websites with Tampa video production on it.

Web Users Can Find It Easier

It is easier for you to refuse to find videos on websites rather than on social media. They use Google to search for videos on the internet. Google, in turn, will produce results based on the ranking of the websites. And since websites are ranked better when they have reviews on it, Google searches have a better chance of leading your target market to the appropriate site.

Facebook and Instagram don’t have archives yet. This means that when you post something, there is no guarantee that web visitors will find it weeks or months after. Sometimes, when an Internet user searches for a specific query on Google, the search engine will respond with the Facebook link. But when you click on that Facebook link, it would not automatically send you to the post related to your query. Instead, it will lead you to their profile page.

Users Believe Websites Are More Legitimate

User sees websites as more legitimate than social media presence. When a business has a website, internet users will automatically think it is an authority in the industry that it belongs to. This is opposed to their mentality that Facebook is a free-for-all platform where even the dubious ones can sign up for a profile page.