If you want to help your business grow, you can do so using one simple media element: Tampa video production. Incorporating videos on your website and even in your brick-and-mortar stores can make a huge difference in terms of brand awareness, attracting customers, retaining customer loyalty, and improving profit.

Improve Google Ranking

After it bought video-sharing platform YouTube back in 2006, Google began prioritizing videos in their search engine results. This means that if your website has a series of videos, it is more likely to appear on top of Google’s search results page. That’s about the same with Bing and Yahoo, too.

Explain Your Services More Accurately

Rarely will you find people who want to read more than watch a video. Uploading a video on your website to explain what your products and services are will bring customers closer to your organization. It is easier for them to understand your company when there’s a video explanation of what you are offering and why they are important.

Increase Conversions

Reports showed that the presence of videos on your website’s homepage can increase conversions by as much as 80%. Yes, it means that customers are more likely to browse information on your website and even make a purchase when there’s a video on your site.

Build Trust

What does a Tampa video production show you? It shows that the company took time and made an effort to create a video that will explain the products and services better.

The company becomes personable; almost as if the customers can see right through the organization’s goals and visions. This builds trust among the consumers and their confidence in your organization will only grow.

Keep People Longer

When there’s a video on your website visitors need to watch, that will make them stay longer on your site. This results in better ratings on Google because its algorithm detects websites that can attract visitors to stay longer and consume information.

Why is this important? Because these websites have a stronger chance of persuading casual visitors to make a purchase or subscribe to a newsletter.

Encourage Social Media Shares

Do you know that as much as there are lots of shareable links on social media, only a small percentage of them are being shared by actual consumers? If your business has a profile page on Facebook, you’d have to spend on sponsored ads to appear on your target market’s news feed.

Video, however, is the most shared type of content on social media. This means people are likely to share this content over any type of media content.