The entire Tampa video production process is a long and tedious one. There are so many people involved and so many moving parts that are equally important just to get the production going. You have to work hard just to come up with an acceptable video, much less one that the client will be happy with.

One of the most important parts that make up a successful production is the people who work on the video project. You can have the best and the latest in gear and equipment, but none of that is going to make much of a difference if you don’t have a great cast and crew to make the most out of it.

Some people think that some roles are more important than others, but the truth is that each and every role is equally important. Learn more about some of the most common roles in a Tampa video production project.


In the production hierarchy, the producer is the guy on top. Their role is usually to finance and handle everything in the planning of the production project, such as putting together the crew. Their role is a prominent one, and they are usually involved in every role of the video production process.


The director role is one of the most famous ones in any production. The director usually assists the producer when they are looking for crew members for the production, as well as other planning aspects of it, such as the budget. Of course, their most prominent role is to direct the scenes that go into the final video project, which includes the direction of the cast and lighting. If the production is a large enough affair, then they may be assisted by the first assistant director.

Director of Photography

A lot of the visual work that you see in a video can be directly attributed to the director of photography. This role is usually associated with the director, as the DOP works closely with the director to bring his vision to life. Everything from the camera lenses used, lighting, and rigs fall under their jurisdiction to bring the director’s vision to life.


There will always be a person who will handle the camera work. They work with the director of photography to help make sure that the camera work will help bring the director’s vision to life.


One of the trademarks of a good Tampa video production is always the lighting that is used in the video. Lighting is always handled along with the director of photography to make sure that the lighting and atmosphere add up for the scene.


Audio is always a crucial part of any good video, so this role is a very important one. The audio department needs to work closely with the visuals department to make sure that it all adds up to the vision that the director is looking for.