How are your workers faring today? When was the last time you checked on them? Are they working from home? Are they still required to go to the office? Whatever kind of work setup you have, make sure to let them know that you value their contributions to the company and that you care about their health and well-being. You can do that through Tampa video production. That’s right. Since we’re trying to stay physically distant from each other, you can use videos to send messages of hope to your employees.

A lot of them are probably concerned about the state of your business. Where are you headed? Are making money? Are you going to close anytime soon? These are valid concerns that might be making them lose sleep at night. These are concerns that need to be addressed because if they are losing sleep over it, they are not being as productive as they should. And in such turbulent economic times, they have to focus on their work. They have to be as efficient as they can be. That’s the only way a business can survive this economy.

Send Them a Personalized Message

How many departments do you have in your company? Send each one a message just for them. Don’t forget to mention the names of the team members. It’s an instant mood booster for them to know that their employers care about their well-being even if they are working remotely for now. The message should be personalized according to the team. This means that your message to your accounting department should be separate from your marketing department. Your web management department should receive a different one, too.

What should you say? Tell them about the current state of your company. Your accounting department will already know about it, so make it as light to them as possible. Ask them for patience as you navigate this time in your organization. Though some of them aren’t working full-time now, the situation will be better in the future. Once your employees hear this message of hope, they’ll be more than happy to fulfill their duties and remain loyal to you.

Make It Fun

Why couldn’t a Tampa video production be fun? Corporate videos can be interactive, too. You can ask your employees to send a message after they watched the video where you asked a question about the leisure activities they are doing while trying to stay sane during this pandemic. It’s a fun way to interact with your employees. Take the time out of your schedule to talk with them either individually or as a group.