What will happen if, for whatever reason, you suddenly have to apologize to your customers? Maybe it’s a case of food poisoning one day in your diner. Or, maybe it’s a substandard product that a lot of customers have been complaining about. What is the best way to deal with this kind of problem? How do you reach out to your customers and apologize to them? While most will choose to write an email, you probably should go the other way—produce a Tampa video production.

A video, with a well-written email, is a sincere way of reaching out to your customers. The video signifies that you are willing to make an effort to reach out to your customers because you know that you fumbled. But this is no ordinary video. You cannot apologize your way through animation and graphs and call-to-action buttons. An apology video should be sincere, and you should be there. It’s not a voice-over. You have to face your customers, albeit in a pre-recorded video.

Go Straight to the Point

The goal of your video is to apologize, right? So, why should you dilly-dally about the apology? Don’t give them the rundown of what happened and why you need to apologize. Do the apology first and foremost before proceeding to explain your side of the story. In the eyes of customers, there’s no excuse for what you did—no matter how small you think it is.

What kind of language conveys regret, remorse, and humility? Own up to the mistake. Say things like “we deeply regret,” “we apologize,” “we understand that it is our fault,” and “allow us to make it up to you.” Avoid words and phrases such as “we’re sorry you feel that way,” “we’re sorry if you’re offended,” and “it is unfortunate what happened.” These words remove you from the situation. It feels that you are a separate entity from the business.

Don’t Attempt to Fix the Problem Before Apologizing

More than anything else, you have to apologize first. That’s your first instinct. Your goal is to eventually fix the problem but apologize first before trying to offer something to your customers. The instinct to fix something should kick in after the apology is made. It is one thing to want to end the problem, but it’s another thing to be rude to your customers when you should be apologizing.

If you make a Tampa video production to apologize to your customers, make sure to follow the “rules” on how to sincerely reach out to them through this medium.