If you are using Tampa video production as part of your overall marketing strategy, then you should also be putting subtitles or closed captions in these videos. You can generate more qualified leads, turn casual customers into loyal ones, and raise brand awareness. There are a ton of perks when you add captions to your videos, so make sure you do this and expect these things to happen afterward:

Higher Views

This is the golden age of videos. Practically everyone is shooting videos or watching them. With smartphones, you can do anything you want—shoot, edit, and distribute. But you can add more value to your videos by putting subtitles or closed captions. These subtitles will boost your video views. It will maximize the reach of your content. In fact, recent studies showed that it can increase the views of your videos by as much as 12%. People will watch your videos more when there are subtitles. It’s as simple as that.

Increase Shares

One of the ultimate goals of your video is to get more shares as possible. With subtitles, your viewers will want to share your videos more because they know it will reach out to a whole new market. A video with no subtitles is less likely to be shared among colleagues, for example. If you know your colleague can’t play the video in the office, would you even share it with them?

More Engaging

If they are sharing your video, then they are also engaging with it. This means that they will leave a comment, like, or converse with their friends about the video. They are interested enough to share the video. By putting subtitles, you’re also allowing them to view the video wherever they may be and whenever they want. Your audience will most likely comment, ask questions, and reach out to you about what’s in the videos.

Expanding Leads

You will expand your leads with subtitles. Sometimes, you’ll be surprised who you can reach when you add subtitles to your videos. For example, you will reach people who do not speak the language in the video (if you add a translation, too). You’ll also be reaching out to people with hearing problems. The more people your videos reach, the more likely it will satisfy its goals.

Subtitles are so easy to make and add to videos that it’s a wonder why companies are still failing to use them in their Tampa video production. Don’t be like other companies. Make sure your marketing videos have subtitles.