As a filmmaker, you always look forward to creating films that aren’t only capable of only entertaining people, but to also move them. Maybe even inspire them to do things they might not have the courage to until they watched your film. You might also educate them on some lessons that they might not necessarily learn from schools and universities, and all of this could be possible thanks to your Tampa video production. But before you could do any of that, you must make sure to land on some profitable gigs! After all- getting one helps you take that first step into becoming a successful filmmaker.

So with this in mind, you should try and look for freelancing jobs. Not only will you gain money from it, but you’ll also acquire experience that can help you figure things out on your own in the future.

But what would companies look for in a Tampa video production professional? Is there certain equipment to look out for? To find out more, read below:

Reel them in with your demo reel

As filmmakers should always do, you must prepare your demo reel. Your demo reel is one of the things that your prospective client can refer to when they’re trying to figure out whether you’re the one they’ve been looking for. But before you send out your demo reel, you should be thinking about what their project is all about. Are they planning to film a music video? Or is it more of a wedding? This is applicable most especially to filmmakers who have done varying projects. As such, it’s best to match your demo reel to their needs, and that you should reel them in with your relevant experiences.

Gear up before your battle

Of course, you must be prepared to bring your own cameras and other kinds of filmmaking gear. You see, most of the time prospective clients look for people who already have their own gear prepared. And it doesn’t stop there either, because they would also be looking for cameras that are similar to what they use.

So, make sure to mention your cameras and other types of gear that might be relevant in your resume. You can also include cameras that you don’t own (at least, not yet anyway!), but you have in-depth knowledge of its operation. That way, when your prospective client decides to check out your resume, they’ll immediately know what you can do.

Network to make your dream work

It’s understandable that people would prefer to choose filmmakers they’ve previously worked with. Or maybe work with the ones that others have referred to them. Or at least the ones they’ve met or heard about.

That’s because they won’t have to go in blind with who they’re gonna have to collaborate with. With this in mind, you should stay in touch with the people you’ve already collaborated with. Through them, you can make connections to other places and people you might want to work with in the future.