It is very easy for the general public to misunderstand the different roles in a Tampa video production. Interestingly enough, one of the most commonly misunderstood roles out there is the role of the producer in a video production project. The reason why they tend to be misunderstood is that the word “producer” is such a general phrase that it can be hard to determine what exactly they do for any video production. To clear things up for you, read on to find out what the producer’s role in a Tampa video production is.

They start out with the story

The producer is the person who starts with the story or the idea behind the production. This means that they are the ones who look out for a great story to tell that can be translated into video. This is where the work starts. Producers see a great story and start putting all of the working parts together to make sure that the story gets told.


A large part of what the producer does involves the budgeting of the production. Since they are the ones who want the story told, they handle the funding and budgeting of the production. They can fund it themselves, or they raise the funds by looking for investors. Because of this very important role, it is not uncommon for producers to be well-connected within the industry.

Find the right director for the job

Now that things are getting started, the producer has to find the right director to handle the project. It is a common misconception that the producer is involved in the directing process. The producer hires a director to handle that for them. Some video production projects do have the producer and director take on the same role, but typically, the producer hires the director to direct the video because they trust the director’s creative ability to bring the vision to life.

Generally oversee production

Many people assume that because the producer is essentially bankrolling the production, this means that they’re going to be very involved in the production process. In reality, the producer rarely shows up during filming and post-production, leaving the project in the capable hands of the professionals that they hired. This is why they pick and choose the right crew for the job so that they don’t have to worry about the progress of the Tampa video production project.


When the video has been completed, it is up to the producer to market it to the necessary audiences, so they can make sure that it reaches the target audience and succeeds.