When was the last time you were on Facebook and Instagram? What did you do? Surely, you have watched a video. Even a 30-second video counts. The reason for this is simple. Videos are the most powerful content on social media right now. If you don’t have a Tampa video production on your social media channels, you are losing a great opportunity of reaching out to your audience and engaging them.

You cannot take one digital step without coming face-to-face with a video. You see videos all the time on your feed—from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to TikTok. It is everywhere. And yet, not many companies are investing in Tampa video production, which is a shame because it has the power to change the landscape of your business.

Are you one of the companies that hasn’t made an investment in video content? Here are the important statistics you should remember about video content and its impact on your social media audience:

According to a HubSpot survey in 2017, 62% of the participants “consumed thoroughly” video content while 38% skimmed through it. For news articles, 61% consumed them thoroughly while 39% skimmed through them. This is followed by multimedia articles, wherein 57% of the participants consumed them thoroughly and 43% skimmed through them.

For social media posts, 56% of participants consumed them thoroughly with the rest of the 44% skimming through them. It’s a far cry from research reports, wherein only 49% consumed them and 51% skimmed through them. For social photos, 48% of the participants thoroughly consumed them while 52% skimmed them.

These are followed by email content, online classes and educational games, eBooks and PDFs, infographics, blog articles, online long-form content, and podcasts. With the multitude of content available on social media today, video remains to be the most powerful and influential among them.

Think about your own online activity. Over the years, you have probably watched more videos than read news articles and blog posts. There is something about videos that just get to people. They are easy to comprehend. They are relatable. It doesn’t take too much of your time and energy to watch videos because they are entertaining.

Whenever you balk at the idea of creating a Tampa video production for your social media page, think about the statistics that support why it is critical to your social media marketing campaign. If there’s anything that it presents to you, it is that videos are the present and the future of social media.