Anybody who has worked on a Tampa video production project can tell you that good video production is made up of three main parts: pre-production, production, and post-production. Of those three stages, the most important stage is arguably the pre-production stage of your video production project.

This may surprise those unfamiliar with the industry because they mostly see the filming stage of the project, which is the production stage. However, you cannot have a successful video without the pre-production stage of the project. To help you understand why, read on to find out why pre-production matters in a Tampa video production project.

What is pre-production?

To some people, pre-production can seem like a rather boring part of the entire video project. After all, when you look at it head-on, it doesn’t look like much. It’s likely to just be executives and crew planning things out.

There is no denying the fact that compared to the rest of the video production, pre-production can seem rather dull in comparison. However, the planning of the video production is precisely why it is considered to be the most important stage of the production.

All of the planning involved in this stage will help make sure that the rest of the video project flows much smoother, which can help the success of the video. Without the pre-production, it can be easy for deadlines to be thrown off, and for intended scenes to not get filmed, which can affect the outcome of the final video.


One of the ways that pre-production helps with the outcome of a video project is the allocation of the production’s budget. The budget of a video can help determine a lot of the decisions that come with the project.

A large budget can allow for more creative room, while a smaller budget can be a bit of a constraint. However, with proper pre-production, a production can allocate enough of a budget to all the right places within the production, reducing the risk for a lack of resources in other parts of the video.


There is a lot of logistics involved in a video production project. If you do not plan these out properly, you may find yourself rushing the filming of a certain scene, or skimping out on your editing.

Decisions like these can affect the outcome of your Tampa video production, which can result in a lower-quality video. By planning out the logistics of your video production properly, you will give each part of the project the right amount of time and manpower that it needs to be handled properly.