One cannot deny that it is currently the era of video content. Video has been determined to be the most popular and effective form of content marketing, and plenty of businesses are starting to catch on. Hiring a Tampa video production company to handle your company’s video marketing has started to become the norm recently.

With how popular video has become and how effective the observed results are, companies have begun finding other uses for a good video. One of those is the usage of video for training purposes, and this has become very popular over the years.

More and more companies are doing away with binders and manuals for training purposes and making use of video to streamline the training process and make it easier for everybody. Here are some additional reasons why using a Tampa video production for training purposes is a good idea.

Easier to retain information

One of the reasons why video is an effective medium for training videos is the same reason why video marketing has become as popular and effective as it has. The combined audio and visual format that video makes use of makes it much easier for audiences to retain information compared to any other form of content.

It is much easier for people to retain information from watching a video and this fact is what has contributed to the rise in popularity as a medium in the online world. For a training video, this would be very beneficial because the trainees would be expected to retain the information that they are trying to absorb.


Video also allows for a higher rate of engagement compared to other types of educational content. Because it is easier to tell a story through a video, audiences tend to be more receptive to video content and are also more likely to engage with video content. This beats having to read off a gigantic binder and having to learn an entire module in four hours for training.


Another great thing about using a Tampa video production for a training video is that it allows the trainers or the company to be more creative in how they present their videos. Training videos do have a tendency to be a bit bland at times, especially if their training is covering a more technical topic.

With training videos, companies are free to get the point of their training across in a more fun and creative manner, which is more likely to be received well by the trainees.