Do we need to say it? Captions will help your audience better understand what you’re trying to say on a Tampa video production. Do you want to push an agenda? Do you want to sell something? Do you want your audience to subscribe? Are you telling a story? Whatever the goal is of your video, captions are going to help you achieve those goals.

Think about it. Do you watch Netflix shows with captions? If you don’t, you comprise a small percentage of people who think they don’t need captions. But even native speakers of the language the film uses often find it confusing to understand what the actors are saying. It may be because the audio is gargled or it might because the scene was too action-packed for them to notice. Not comprehending what was said can change the whole story. A missed dialogue or line can affect the impact of the story.

A New Level of Comprehension

Even if you don’t need to turn the subtitles on, try watching a difficult movie with it on. Perhaps, you can re-watch Leonardo diCaprio’s Inception? The captions will give you a whole new level of comprehension. You will know the names of the characters. You will understand the stories better. What really happened at the end of the movie? Did diCaprio’s character remain in the dream? Was he able to come back?

For the Hard of Hearing

Another reason why captions are definitely a thing now is because of the number of people who are deaf or are hard of hearing. You want to reach everyone with your Tampa video production. You want to reach even a group of people who are not really a part of your target market. Captions make it possible for them to comprehend what your goals are for producing the video.


Children learning to read and write will also benefit from video captions. When they watch videos with subtitles, children generally have better definitions, pronunciations, vocabulary, and inferences. Not only do they understand what they’re watching better, but they are also boosting their capabilities to speak. Captions widen their vocabulary. They tend to understand more words because they’ve heard and read about it. They understand the meanings behind these words, too.

That’s the same thing for people who are trying to learn a second language. It is much easier for them to learn a foreign language when they hear and read it. The percentage of recall is almost in the 60% range. That’s why if you’re going to make a Tampa video production, look into using captions for it.